Machine working; high-pressure/specialty gas piping, welding, assembly and design; secondhand semiconductor manufacturing device refurbishment, ancillary works


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October of 1963: Keiichi Ohmura established Ohmura Seiki Co,. Ltd.

Started running business with 1,000,000 yen in capital.
The company was manufacturing and selling high-pressure gas valves, adjusters, propane compression burners, and special types of burners.
Even now, after more than 40 years have passed, the company continues to tenaciously support the products of that time, and now as ever provides valves and burners.
These have become long selling products to continue to be used on-site by many professionals.

February, 1972: The company expanded into the astonishingly fast-growing semiconductors business.

Along with the expansion into the semiconductors industry, the company began manufacturing corresponding special gas boxes and cylinder racks, and starts undertaking piping work.

October, 1992: The company opened the Class 1000 Clean Room (Factory II).

The company began manufacturing high-quality piping units and gas panels for semiconductor manufacturers.

1994: The company launched device technical parts installation and secondhand semiconductor manufacturing device renewal businesses.

The company, making use of its Class 1000 Clean Room, launched Japan’s first full-blown secondhand semiconductor manufacturing device renewal business.

February, 1996: Kazuhiko Ohmura became Company President (a position he still holds).

The company’s secondhand semiconductor manufacturing device renewal business smoothly expanded, and, taking over from the previous generation, Kazuhiko Ohmura assumed his current position of Company President.

March, 1997: ING Co., Ltd. was established.

Semiconductor manufacturing device service operations were passed on to the ING Co., Ltd., and the other existing businesses were split off and kept with Ohmura Seiki Co,. Ltd.

Ohmura Seiki Ltd. Establishment of spin-offs

September, 1997
Founder and Chairman Keiichi Ohmura passed away.

He was succeeded as Chairman by Mieko Ohmura (who still occupies the position).

February, 2003: The main office was rebuilt.

We rebuilt the worn-out company headquarters from its foundation.

October,2008 :Kumamoto office set up.

In Kumamoto, new office set up.

ING Co., Ltd.,

September, 1998:Kawasaki Mechanical Center opened.

We opened one of the best mechanical centers in the country in Kawasaki.

2002:ISO9001 certification acquired.

We acquired a quality management system.

June, 2009: Ohmura Seki Co,. Ltd. and ING Co., Ltd. are reintegrated and launched as O-TEC Ltd.

The two companies were reintegrated into one in order to respond to the changes of the era.
Thus we would create a service system that combines the technologies the companies have developed and makes comprehensive use of their abilities.

O-TEC Ltd.

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